JVIC Expertise


Unique technical challenges

There is no "standard" turnaround. Each facility represents unique technical challenges. We pride ourselves on having the most experienced and talented craft workforce so that we can address whatever technical challenges are involved in the turnaround of your facility.

JVIC Safety


Heightened safety requirements

We understand the safety challenges of turnaround work. Prior to starting work, we establish the safety training and safety protocols required to ensure that your turnaround is executed with highest standards of safety.

JVIC Quality


Quality Outcomes

Extensive training and detailed planning enable our workforce to consistently deliver exceptional quality. We are proud of our record as the industry benchmark for weld and mechanical integrity.

JVIC Productivity


Minimizing facility downtime

We recognize that each day of downtime represents potentially millions of dollars of revenue for our customers. We plan meticulously and are ready to respond immediately to whatever actions are required to shut down, service and re-commission your facility with the highest standards of safety, quality and timeliness.

JVIC Catalyst

Specialized Skills

Breadth of specialty services

From specialty welding to bolt torqueing, turnaround work demands many specialized skills. We have the teams, equipment and experience to handle whatever is required at your facility.

JVIC is the leading provider of turnaround and specialty services to North America's process industries. We understand the time-critical nature of turnarounds and the unique technical and safety challenges that this type of work involves.

We combine a workforce of highly skilled crafts with industry leading systems and processes to deliver exceptional quality with an unwavering emphasis on safety.

JVIC has been a Zachry Group company since 2012.