JVIC was founded as a specialty welding firm in 1998. But we always had the vision of being the preferred turnaround service partner to North America's process industries.

From the outset, we were determined that our work would be characterized by the highest levels of predictability and dependability. We were determined that our customers should have absolute confidence that we would deliver for them, no matter how complex the work or challenging the timetable for its completion.

We believe that our track record of success is the direct consequence of a number of self-reinforcing factors. The skills and dedication of our people is certainly one. But perhaps even more significant is how they work together as highly effective teams that are notable for their adaptability, concern for mutual safety, and commitment to quality outcomes. A third factor is the time and attention we devote to our turnaround readiness assessments. By their nature, turnarounds are complex and often unpredictable, but we believe that much of this uncertainty can be mitigated through the combination of rigorous planning and adaptable teams.

We are proud to work on the turnarounds of plants of many of the leading companies in the chemicals, refining and petrochemicals industries. We provide a comprehensive selection of the capabilities required to perform this high priority work to the highest standards of quality, safety and timeliness.

These turnarounds require expertise in multiple areas. Please see our Specialty Services page for a description of some of the most important of these.