Tower Services

Modification, maintenance and replacement of towers and tower internals are key aspects of most turnarounds in refining, chemical and petrochemicals plants. Our expert teams and specialist equipment can replace complete tower sections and beams, or retrofit them with a variety of trays, distributors, accumulators, and feed/draw arrangements.

As with all aspects of our turnaround work, our first concern is always with the safety of the personnel on site.

Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning, Field Machining, Exchanger Services

Machining, beveling, exchanger bundle extraction/installation, bolt torqueing and monitoring of critical bolted components are an essential component of the timely execution of turnarounds. Our dedicated teams have expertise across all types of heavy equipment and perform work to the highest level of precision, while maximizing safety and efficiency.

Specialty Welding/Corrosion Resistance Weld Overlay and Automated Welding

The specialized nature of refining, chemical and petrochemicals plants creates a need for welding capabilities that go beyond the most demanding ASME and NBIC standards. Our long tenured teams of specialty crafts people have state of the art skills across all alloys so that we can deliver whatever is required in your specific situation.